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Science Fiction - Red Planet

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Amazon page

Red Planet Blu-ray
Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore
Directed by Anthony Hoffman
Released 2000
Warner Home Entertainment 2011
106 minutes

Red Planet is an entertaining science fiction Blu-ray. The movie features a good story, once you get past the clumsy voice-over exposition used in the beginning of the movie to set everything up. Red Planet is big on tension and low on violent action though there is some. Special features for Red Planet Blu-ray are limited to deleted scenes and a trailer.

Red Planet is set in the middle of the 21st century. Man has pretty much depleted the planet and needs to find someplace else. Mars has been seeded with various oxygen producing algae to make colonization possible. All of a sudden the oxygen levels on Mars have dropped and a crew is sent on a 6-month voyage to find out what happened. The minute Commander Bowman (Moss) and her crew, including Benjamin Bratt, Simon Baker, and Terence Stamp, get near the planet things start to go wrong.

Bowman is left alone in the command module orbiting the planet while the crew is stranded on Mars with no way back home. To add to their problems the rover unit that was supposed to help them crashed and is presumed totaled. Bowman must find a way to make the command module functional again while the crew must get to the base built on Mars before their oxygen runs out. Things get even more difficult for everybody.

Red Planet is a thriller about whether anyone will make it back home and what happened or is happening on the planet. If you are expecting shoot-em-up aliens and such this SF Blu-ray is not going to please.

If you enjoy generally well-made SF with good acting and a story that keeps you interested this movie fits the bill.

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