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Mainstream - Forever Darling - TCM Lucille Ball Collection

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Amazon page

Forever Darling
Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, James Mason
Directed by Alexander Hall
Color Widescreen 1956
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Forever Darling is the lesser of two comedies Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz made together in the mid-fifties while on break from I Love Lucy, the other being The Long, Long trailer. These two films are part of the TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection Lucille Ball DVD collection. This 4 DVD set also includes the Marx Brothers’ Room Service (1938) and Du Barry Was A Lady (1943) with Red Skelton and Gene Kelly. The print used for Forever Darling DVD

Ball and Arnaz play Susan and Lorenzo Vega, a newlywed couple whose marriage starts going downhill after a few years. He is a scientist who works too hard, she is stuck at home. After a big fight, James Mason appears magically in Susan’s bedroom. It turns out he is her guardian angel and there to protect her marriage. Then follow the usual invisible angel only the main character can see jokes. There is an excellent one where Mason and an Ava Gardner lookalike appear in a movie Susan then becomes a part of.

The last third of Forever Darling when the couple go camping in order to test out Lorenzo’s latest insecticide is what this comedy is where all the gags are. This means a bunch of putting up the tent and animal noises at night jokes. They are not bad but not especially funny or original.

Forever Darling always seems to be almost hitting its stride but never quite manages it. This comedy DVD is more a pleasant curiosity than anything else.

The print used for the Forever Darling DVD is quite good with one 2-second instance of discoloration and a couple of visible scratches.

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