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Mainstream - Sesame Street Spoofs Volumes 1 and 2

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Amazon page

Sesame Street Spoofs Volumes 1 and 2
The Count, Cookie Monster, Kermit D. Frog
2 DVD set
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Sesame Street Spoofs Volumes 1 and 2 is a family DVD set parents will not mind watching with the kids at all. They mind even enjoy it more, especially the second DVD. Late boomers will probably remember some of the skits on the first disc, especially a couple of the Monsterpiece Theatre starring Alastair Cookie.

DVD 1 of Sesame Street Spoofs features Dragnet, the animated King Minus, Here Is Your Life: Oak Tree, Beat the Time: Cookie Monster, Count It Higher, the rather weak spoof Born to Add, and Six Dollar Man.  Hey Food is a weak spoof of the Beatles’ song with just a couple of things in common. Other bits include Gone With the Wind, High Twelve, Ooooo-klahoma, King and I, Casablanca Alphabet –which is good but a bit too long--

Especially good on Volume 1 is Family Food with Richard Dawson, Rebel L, and Hill Street Twos. The Madonna inspired Cereal Girl and Ronnie Trash are also very funny. Twin Beaks is good but only if you are familiar with the show it is spoofing.

Extras on Sesame Street Spoofs Volume 1 are three Beat the Time with The Count, Elmo, and Grover.

Volume 2 is all TV spoofs and mostly recent shows. Co-lamb-o just borrows the pun. You just have to see Muppet Worf in Spaceship Surprise. The Braid-y Bunch is fun enough. Six Feet Under with the Count is quite imaginative. The 24 and Desperate Houseplants skits did not work for me. Decent are Outrageous Makeover, GNN, and the CSI Inspired RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation.  30 Rocks is okay, as are Pre-School Musical, Mad Men, The Closer, and Dirtiest Jobs.

The better spoofs on DVD 2 are Dr. Phil Meets Dr. Feel (even if it is a bit long), Law and Order Special Letters Unit which features an excellent Muppet Munch. A’s Anatomy will amuse fans of Grey’s Anatomy. The O Network is good and the opening sequence of True Mud will please fans of True Blood.

Extras on this second volume of Sesame Street Spoofs are Jon and Kate Plus 8 with the Count and Smell Like a Monster with Grover.

This family DVD set makes a great present for parents of toddlers and boomers fond of Sesame Street.

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