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Mainstream - Four Weddings and a Funeral Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Four Weddings and a Funeral Blu-ray
Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell
Directed by Mike Newell
Originally released 1994
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Four Weddings and a Funeral is one of the most successful romantic movies of the nineties. The 1:80: 1 widescreen Blu-ray version features an audio commentary track, deleted scenes, a behind the scenes documentary, a short titles Two Actors and a Director, and a Making Of.  This being a British movie expect the laughs to be more subtle and character based instead of situation based.

Hugh Grant became every single girl’s dreamboy with his performance as perpetual bachelor Charles. Charles and his friends meet regularly when an acquaintance gets married and invites them all. There they have some fun and talk a bit about the nature of love.

At one of the weddings Charles meets an American named Carrie and they have a fling. They hook up again at the second wedding and Charles finds himself even more infatuated. Unfortunately he cannot tell Carrie how he feels.

The next time a crestfallen Charles sees Carrie is at her own wedding. This is where the secondary characters meet the person they will end up with.

The death of a very interesting secondary character serves a catalyst for the movie’s emotional buttons. Charles decides to marry an old flame but things happen when Carrie shows up at the ceremony.

Four Weddings and  Funeral is a very enjoyable British comedy. Though it did not quite have the charm this reviewer once associated with it this Blu-ray version will certainly please this romantic comedy’s many fans.

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