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Mainstream - Honeymoon In Vegas Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Honeymoon IN Vegas
Nicholas Cage, James Caan, Sarah Jessica Parker
Directed by Andrew Begman
Originally released 1992
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Honeymoon In Vegas is a wannabe romantic comedy that has many good parts but whose center does not hold. This is a variation on the old boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy tries to get girl back.

Here boy is Jack Singer (Nicholas Cage). He and Betsy have been together for a long time and Betsy is getting a little impatient with Jack’s inability to break the deathbed promise he made to his mom about never getting married. An ultimatum has the couple going to Vegas for a quickie wedding.

In Vegas, gambler Tommy Korman (James Caan) spots Betsy who is a dead ringer for his dead wife. Tommy schemes to get Betsy away from Jack. This involves a poker game, Jack owing money to Tommy, and Tommy getting Betsy to spend the weekend with him in exchange for forgetting the debt.

The plot holes become eminently apparent when Jack goes back to NYC for a job while Betsy and Tommy are together. Jack is a private eye but relies on 411 and the phone book to figure out where Tommy Korman lives. He is easily taken on a only there to fill screen time wild goose chase by a Hawaii cabbie (Pat Morita who with Peter Boyle is abominably wasted here).

The wheels really come off when Tommy Korman’s real nature makes Betsy realize the error of her ways. The problem is the viewer knows that this real nature is just an easu way to get Betsy unhooked.

Jack proves his love by diving from an airplane with a bunch of Elvises and all is forgiven.

Honeymoon In Vegas Blu-ray is one of those movies you watch once out of curiosity but that is about it. It has its moments, many involving matching tune to screen.

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