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Mainstream - The Name of the Rose Blu-ray

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Amazon page

The Name of the Rose Blu-ray
Sean Connery, Christian Slater
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Originally released 1986
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

The Name Of The Rose is a very good Blu-ray mystery. The movie benefits from high definition because of its many shades of gray and tenebrous lighting but sometimes shows it was not originally digital. The Blu-ray special features are a forty-some minute behind the scenes subtitled documentary, a director’s commentary track in French and English, a photo video featurette, and trailer.

Set in the 1400s in a monastery, The Name Of The Rose is the story of William of Baskerville and told by Adso, his assistant. Resemblances to Sherlock Holmes are certainly not accidental. Baskerville is at the monastery in advance of a meeting where important church people are to discuss something vital to the survival of the Church. Wait ‘til you get what it is.

Baskerville arrives in a monastery where a brother has been killed and other murders soon occur. Some are quick to blame the devil and see the deaths as a sign the end is nigh. Baskerville is convinced the game is afoot.

The plot involves missing books and mysterious goings on with the local villagers who live off the monastery’s scraps.

An Inquisitor shows up to add some tension to the whole deal but that does not quite work as a story line. This is one of a few apparent results of a somewhat clumsy book to film adaptation of the Umberto Eco novel.

This does not take away from enjoying this very good and original mystery

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