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Foreign Film - Netherlands - Winter In Wartime Blu-ray DVD

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Amazon page

Winter In Wartime Blu-ray DVD Combo
Martijn Lakemeir, Jamie Campbell Bowner
Dutch or French with English subtitles
Netherlands 2008
Sony Pictures Classics 2011

Winter In Wartime is a good World War II foreign film Blu-ray and DVD. Set in 1945 Holland, it tells the story of a young boy named Michiel who gets caught up in hiding a British flyer, who is or is not in the Resistance, and the mysterious world of adults. This is not a war movie with lots of fight scenes and shooting. Winter In Wartime is closer to a mystery than anything else. The movie is available in the original Dutch with English subtitles or dubbed in French.

War is still raging and though the Allieds have landed Holland is still under Nazi rule. The movie opens with a British plane crashing and the pilot shooting a German soldier. You do not know what happened to the pilot until some twenty minutes into the movie. Until them young Michiel and his friend play around the wreckage and find a watch, another friend asks him to give a message to someone if something bad happens, and Michiel’s favorite uncle, Ben, comes to stay with the family.

As Michiel is drawn into the intrigue of the hidden British flier there are fewer and fewer people he trusts. Then when the Germans blackmail the town folk into revealing the location of the British soldier, the young boy has a decision to make.

Michiel eventually finds the traitor and, again, has to make a life changing decision.

This is a good war movie.

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