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Horror - Priest

Amazon page
Amazon page

Paul Bettany, Maggie Q, Cam Gigandet
Directed by Scott Stewart
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

Priest is a vampire western. The plot is a variation on the girl getting kidnapped by the Injuns and the shooter having to go rescue her. Stylistically interesting with lots of Dark Knight stylistics, Priest a series of CGI scenes where Paul Bettany, Maggie Q, and Cam Gigandet fight a series of vampires that look like they came right out of Tremors and Aliens. This DVD is interesting enough but tries to tell too much backstory between action scenes.

The story begins many years after humans won a war over vampires. The war was won by the Church and its fighting elite called Priests. A young woman is kidnapped and a Priest goes to her rescue, defying orders of the Church leaders. He hooks up with a town sheriff and is they joined by a Priestess.

The vampires are riding a bullet train to the Cities where they hope to eliminate man. The young woman is on that train and the captive of a man slash vampire. Will Pries arrive in time to save both the City and the girl?

Priest is pretty much a mess story wise but it is an action-packed mess with lots of cool stunts and CGI effects.

Look for True Blood’s Vampire Bill as a human in the beginning of the movie.

For some reason, Priest sets up a sequel.

Special features on the Priest DVD are a commentary track with the actors and the director, deleted and extended scenes, a making of, and a feature on the weapons.

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