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Science Fiction - Doctor Who Series Six Part One

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Amazon page

Doctor Who Series Six Part One
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill
7 Episodes 2 DVD
BBC 2011

Series Six of Doctor Who begins with the Doctor dying. Permanently. Of course something this momentous involves Richard Nixon and takes two episodes: The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. These are but two of the seven episodes on the 2 disc Doctor Who Series Six Part One Blu-ray set.

The Curse of the Black Spot is a pirate ship story that allows Karen Gillan to do some swashbuckling. The ending is forced and clearly a set-up for a new kid friendly offshoot like The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Episode 4, The Doctor’s Wife, is really weird. The Doctor gets a message from a Time Lord and sends the Tardis outside the universe. It lands on a sentient asteroid where there is an Ood, a crazy woman, and an old couple. The Tardis and the Doctor have a chat while the Tardis messes with Rory and Amy.

The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People is a more hard core SF two part adventure. The Doctor and his friends land on an island where doppelgangers do the dangerous work of humans. Something goes wrong and the doppelgangers go after their originals. The who is the real who gets a bit too confusing but otherwise this is a good show.

Episode 7 reveals the meaning of a recurring image in the first six and it is one hell of a surprise. The Doctor asks his nemesi to pay old debts and help him. More is revealed about River Song.

Of course, this being Part One of Doctor Who series 6 the story continues. Fortunately, this story arc seems complete so you are not stuck waiting for the next show to find out what happened.

Special features for the Doctor Who Series Six Part One DVD set are Monster Files on The Silence and The Gangers.

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