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Science Fiction - Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 DVD

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Amazon page

Doctor Who Series Six Part One
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill
7 Episodes 2 DVD
BBC 2011

Doctor Who Series Six Part One features 7 episodes on two DVD. It begins with the Doctor dying permanently and ends with him facing his greatest challenge, a challenge so great he calls on all those who owe him. Though this is a continuing story, the episodes in  Series Six Part One do form a whole so a viewer is not left on a real cliffhanger.

Ever turn around thinking there was someone there and there was not? The first two episodes of this 2 DVD set explain that in the two part The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. Set in 1969 when Neil Armstrong took one small step, the episode also features Richard Nixon (or a very bad imitation). These two are the creepiest in this set.

Episode 3 The Curse of the Black Spot does not really fit in the overall story. Set on a pirate ship, this episode feels more like an attempt at a Sarah Jane Adventures type spinoff. Episode 4, The Doctor’s Wife reveals an interesting thing or two about the Tardis.

A more hard core SF adventure is featured in episodes 5 and 6, The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People. In a future where the dangerous work is done by doppelgangers. It gets confusing when everybody including the Doctor get a double and there are a few story elements left unexplained.

Doctor Who Series Six Part One closes with a reveal of the meaning of a recurring image in the first six episode and ends rather oddly. More is revealed about River Song. The futuristic world is somewhat undefined but the shootouts make up for it.

Monster Files on The Silence and The Gangers are the special features for this 2 DVD Doctor Who set.

Richard Lanoie

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