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Documentary - The Death of Andy Kaufman

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Amazon page

The Death of Andy Kaufman
Directed by Christopher Maloney
Documentary DVD
Originally released 2008
Wild Eye Releasing 2011

Andy Kaufman (Latka on Taxi) is probably the second best known undead dead celebrity after Elvis. Kaufman who was part stand-up comic and mostly performance artist died of lung cancer at the age of thirty-five. A day after his death, someone called Howard Stern and said Kaufman’s death was an elaborate hoax. This documentary DVD looks at Andy Kaufman, his death, and the possibility Kaufman pulled the greatest bit of performance art ever.

Director Christopher Maloney relies on grainy public domain footage to tell his story. The problem is there is only so much public domain footage of Andy Kaufman and without more than passing references to Kaufman’s years on Taxi and Saturday Night Live it is a thin story.

The Death of Andy Kaufman features every annoying element of a low budget documentary: a wobbly and often unfocused camera, a lack of titles to indicate who is talking or where the scene is taking place, and an awful musical score that does not often connect with the onscreen images.

What also does not help is director Christopher Maloney does the voice over and he has a less than captivating voice and rather droning delivery.

In the end, Maloney does not reveal anything a couple of minutes on the net wouldn’t.

This documentary DVD is of interest to Kaufman’s fans and perhaps to conspiracy theory addicts

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