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Mainstream - Muppets From Space Blu-ray DVD Combo

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Amazon page

Muppets From Space Blu-ray DVD Combo
Gonzo Great, Kermit D Frog, Jeffrey Tambor
Originally released 1999
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011
88 minutes

Muppets From Space is an enjoyable enough Muppet movie. This Blu-ray DVD combo features a very good Blu-ray widescreen print and a formatted for TV fullscreen DVD. Though it is rated G, parents may want to screen Muppets From Space before showing it to their kids as they might object to some of the lab and mad scientist scenes.

Gonzo is having a recurring dream of being refused on Noah’s ark because there is only one of him. This makes him depressed. His breakfast cereal tells him to look up in the sky and when he does learns he may not be alone. Meanwhile, a government agent (Jeffrey Tambor) in charge of an Area 51 type outfit is out to prove the existence of aliens and takes Gonzo as proof. The Muppets must rescue Gonzo.

Everybody, including a bunch of humans and a couple of characters from Dawson’s Creek, ends up at a beach where Gonzo’s kin is supposed to land.

Though kid friendly, a lot of the humor here is referential and targeted to an adult audience. There are references to Close Encounters, Shawshank Redemption, Men In Black, and so on.

Cameos include Ray Liotta as a security guard, Andie MacDowell as a journalist, F. Murray Abraham, and Kathy Griffin as Animal’s love interest.

Special features for Muppets From Space Blu-ray are a music video and Outtakes.

The DVD also features a pretty good commentary track with director Tim Hill and various Muppets.

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