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Foreign Film - Colombia - The Colors of the Mountain - Los Colores de la Montana

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Amazon page

The Colors of the Mountains
Directed by Carlos Cesar Arbalaez
Spanish with English subtitles
Colombia 2010
Film Movement 2011

Film Movement is a personal favorite when it comes to foreign film DVD. Their films come from every corner of the globe and cover different styles. Their September 2011 release The Colors of the Mountain / Los Colores de la Montana is a naturalist film about a nine year old boy living in a Colombia mountains village and the conflict around him. There is more that is suggested than told in this movie from Colombia so it takes a certain mindset.

Manuel is a nine year old boy whose world consists of playing football, going to school when there is school, and helping around the house. There is a political conflict going on and fighting between guerillas and soldiers. People keep asking his father to come to meetings. Manuel’s father just wants to be a farmer.

When Manuel’s father gives him a brand new soccer ball for his birthday it ends up in a minefield. This is symbolic for the lives of the villagers who are caught in a no man’s land between the guerillas and the soldiers.

As the movie progresses and Manuel keeps trying to get his ball back the conflict becomes more and more present. This is suggested by the increasing presence of political graffiti, the teacher crossing yet another name off her student list because the family has moved away, the increasing visits of the guerillas to Manuel’s father, and finally by graffiti being painted on the school itself.

The ending to this foreign film DVD is rather odd but makes sense considering what director Carlos Cesar Arbelaez is doing in The Colors of the Mountain / Los Colores de la Montana.

The short film on this Film Movement DVD is The Swimmers by Cuban director Carlos Lechuga. What do you do when you are a swim coach and there is no water in the pool? This choice is a perfect complement to Los Colores de la Montana.

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