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Mainstream - The Muppets Take Manhattan Blu-ray DVD Combo

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The Muppets Take Manhattan Blu-ray
Kermit D. Frog, Fozzie Bear, Ms. Piggy
Directed by Frank Oz
Originally released 1984
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

The Muppets Take Manhattan Blu-ray is a fun, family friendly movie that still works more than 25 years later. The DVD in this combo set features both a fullscreen and widescreen version. Special features are limited to a Jim Henson interview and three short Muppet profiles of sorts. The Muppets Take Manhattan is not the best Muppet movie but it is entertaining and teaches good values.

The Muppets have just graduated college and decide to take their year end musical to Broadway. Success does not come easy. After a while the gang goes back home, leaving Kermit in charge of selling the play. That too is not easy. Kermit starts to miss the gang but perseveres.

The musical numbers are okay enough. The scene with the Muppet Babies is blatant product placement. The weak point in The Muppets Take Manhattan is Juliana Donald who plays a waitress named Jenny. Donald never manages to make you believe she is doing more than talking to puppets.

The closing number does have a bit of magic to it. The funniest scene is when Kermit gets a check-up from Linda Lavin

There are lots of cameos here. The include Gregory Hines, Liza Minelli, Elliot Gould, and Joan Rivers. The best is at the beginning with Dabney Coleman.

Special features on The Muppets Take Manhattan BVlu-ray DVD areJim Henson Interviews on Directing vs. Acting, Kermit & Jim, Magic, Expanding the Character’s Role, Kermit Comes Alive, Experimenting, Filming in New York City, The Art of Puppetry, The Kitchen Scene, Director Frank Oz, Singing in Character. Kermit’s Voice, A Team Effort, Cameo Roles. Muppetism Featurettes

Fozzie Bea, Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog, and Pepe

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