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Action - X-Men First Class

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Amazon page

X-Men First Class
James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence
Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

As superhero action movies go, X-Men First Class is enjoyable. As an origins movie, it is interesting. X-Men First Class has a lot going for it including good acting, interesting characters, and solid sfx. What it is sorely missing is a narrative line that can hold this 132-minute movie together. Also, Kevin Bacon is a good actor but fails miserably as the evil mastermind in this DVD or Blu-ray at Amazon

Set mostly in the early sixties at the time of the Cuban missile crisis X-Men First Class tells the story of Charles Xavier (McAvoy), a telepath who sets out to bring together other people who are different or mutants. His nemesis is Sebastian Shaw (Bacon) who is bringing people with special abilities together but in a quest for world domination. The link between Xavier and Shaw is Erik Lensherr aka Magneto who has been after Shaw ever since he was an SS officer in a Nazi concentration camp.

X-Men First Class beings with the encounter between Shaw and Magneto and Xavier first meeting Raven. Years later a CIA agent tailing a Pentagon general sees Shaw and his mutants. Stuff happens and the good mutants get together under Xavier’s auspices.

Meanwhile, Shaw is playing the U.S. military against the Russian by having both place nuclear missiles in trouble spots and daring each other to shoot first. The ensuing nuclear war would be the dawn of Shaw’s new world order. The showdown occurs during the Cuban missile crisis.

In between all this there are stories of the young good guy mutants discovering each other and their powers. There are also a few ham-handed lessons about accepting who you are and accepting being different but of also being careful of those who are afraid of people who are different. Just in case the audience does not grasp their importance these lessons are always delivered by concentration camp survivor Lesherr aka Magneto.

The ending is pretty good and even if this is sort of a prequel sets up a sequel or two of course. Professor X's wheelchair looks much too modern for the period.

Special features on the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Blu-ray include: 10 Marvel “X-Men” Digital Comics with exclusive “X-Men: First Class” Backstory Comic; More than two hours of never-before-seen extras, including: Cerebro Mutant Tracker: The complete interactive Mutant Database with interactive videos giving fans the ability to learn about their favorite mutants in the X-Men film franchise; Children of the Atom: An eight-part behind-the-scenes featurette, charting the film from pre-production through post-production; “X” Marks the Spot: An interactive feature allowing viewers the opportunity to learn more about specific scenes with talent interviews and behind-the-scenes footage; Extended and Deleted Scenes; BD-Live Portal with additional Cerebro Mutant Tracker profiles; Composer’s Isolated Score; Theatrical Trailer

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