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Mainstream - The 5th Quarter

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The Fifth Quarter
Ryan Merriman, Andie MacDowell, Aidan Quinn
Written, directed by Rick Bieber
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
96 minutes

The 5th Quarter is not worth a buck twenty-five. This is a tear jerker and about as subtle as a nuclear bomb when it comes to both its Christian overtones and pathos. The acting, especially by Aidan “quivering lips” Quinn as the father, is just a smidge more subtle. This family friendly DVD wants to be inspirational; it is just irritating.

This somewhat of a football movie is the true story of Jon Abbate, a Wake Forrest football player whose younger brother Luke was killed in a car crash. Jon struggled with the loss and used Luke as an inspiration to perform better on the field and this lead his team to do so as well. That’s it, that’s the story.

Not only does 5th Quarter artificially tug at your heartstrings, syrupy or inspirational music included, it also clearly assumes the viewer is a total idiot. There is no other reason for the scene where one coach just happens to point out to another coach people are holding up five fingers to honor Jon’s brother Luke.

This movie delivers little more than a wannabe inspirational football story. Anything else the family went through is pretty much swept under the rug very very quickly.

Was I the only one to notice Rachel, Luke’s handicapped sister, is never present in the hospital scenes?

The last scene feels added on at the last minute for some kind of closure.

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