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Mainstream - Highways to Fairways - Premieres Sept. 10th 2011

Highways to Fairways - Premieres Sept. 10th 2011
Highways To Fairways
Premieres Sept 10th, 2011

Highways To Fairways is a golf travelogue show unlike any other. Duffers Charlie Teljeur and Wayde Greer got into an RV and covered 12,000 Canadian and American miles in 60 days visiting and playing the oddest golf courses they could find. They also spent time visiting various sites and meeting the locals. This entertaining and very lightweight fare airs Saturdays 8:30 am on TVTropolis, Saturdays at 8 pm on FOC Sports World, Saturdays at 11:30 am on CHEX, and Sundays 8:30 am on Channel 12 Durham. Highways to Fairways is harder to miss than an inch long putt.

The show intro says it all: Two ordinary guys, two months, two countries, one RV, one quest: to find the most unique golf courses on the continent. Charlie Teljeur and Wayde Greer are likeable everymans and their curiosity is as great as their golf skills are small. They are also the show producers and head bottle washers; that gives Highways to Fairways a homespun, laidback quality that really works

The guys visit a par 3 golf course with llama caddies, Fredricksburg, a golf course with a floating green reachable only by boat, a golf course where you tee off on home plate, inside the Indy 500, and one inside a maximum security prison –the most exclusive club aside from whites only Forest Lake Club. Way cool is the Audubon certified Bridges Golf Course in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Off course moments include things like a quick visit to Elvis Presley’s hometown and Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi (episode 10).

The one annoying trait of Highways to Fairways is it plays too many tunes per show and the variety becomes annoying.

The hockey stick putters are way cool.

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