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Mainstream - Rio - Mom Reviewed

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Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo
Blue Macaw, Jewel Macaw, Linda Human
directed by Carlos Saldanha
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Rio is the story of a domesticated macaw named Blu who, after spending his life in Minnesota, travels to Brazil to meet with the last female of their kind. Upon his arrival in Brazil, Blu meets Jewel, his female counterpart and instead of ensuring the survival of their species, they are captured by exotic bird smugglers. Unlike Blu, who likes the idea of a cage, Jewel longs for freedom and wants to escape. They succeed in escaping from the smugglers but are still chained together...and Jewel finds out that Blu cannot fly!  Her goal: to find someone to cut that chain so she can fly and be free.  Their quest for freedom brings them through the crazy streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval time.  In the end, the chain gets cut and Blu realizes that he cares very much for Jewel.  It is this realization that allows Blu to finally spread his wings and fly.  

What a feast for the eyes!  Not only are the colors of the jungle beautiful, but the landscapes in and around the city of Rio are breathtaking...even if it is an animated movie.  This movie reminds me of Finding Nemo, in the sense that we get to discover all sides of a far-off place that only few get to really experience. As a nature lover, I really enjoyed the different scenes filled with quirky exotic animals.  

The kids just loved the movie. The colors as well the music really made it a hit.  Pedro was by far their favourite bird and thanks to Pedro, I now get to hear some of his quotes at random, on any given day. The most notable mentions are “yipi ky ay monkey man”, “take that you funky monkey”, “robust”, and “drop it, drop it, drop it, low”.  I have to say that I loved Pedro too; will.i.am does a great job in delivering memorable lines that stay in your head long after the movie has ended.

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