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Foreign Film - Australia - Brand New Day Blu-ray

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Brand New Day Blu-ray
Rocky McKenzie, Jessica Mauboy, Geoffrey Rush
Directed by Rachel Perkins
Australia 2009
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
85 minutes

Titled Bran Nue Dae in Australia, Brand New Day Blu-ray is a fun musical with excellent songs, a comic story, and solid acting and singing. There is a joy in this movie that is almost immediately contagious. It is basically impossible not to enjoy this foreign film. Unfortunately, there are no special features whatsoever.

Brand New Day takes place in 1969. Willie (Rocky McKenzie) is an awkward mama’s boy. He is in love with local girl Rosie (Jessica Mauboy) but cannot stand up to his mother who wants him to become a priest. Willie goes back to the mission school and Father Benedictus (Rush). An injustice makes him run away for home.

On the road Willie meets an old Aborigine named Tadpole, Wolfgang, a German guy on a vision quest but also looking for his father, Wolfgang’s girlfriend, and a few other odd characters. All of this involves a musical number every couple of scenes.

Part of what makes Brand New Day so interesting, aside from the music, is director Rachel Perkins’ exquisite eye for scenery, lighting, and camera angles. She also has a couple of cool stylistic tricks up her sleeve such as the segue from the picture show to Willie leaving the village. Perkins also knows not to let these extras get in the way of the movie itself.

If you liked Priscilla Queen of the Desert or like musical and fun movies, you are going to love Brand New Day Blu-ray.

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