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Mainstream - Blood Simple Blu-ray

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Blood Simple Blu-ray
Frances McDormand, John Getz, Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet Walsh
Written and directed by The Coen Brothers
Released 1984
MGM Home Entertainment 2011 96 minutes

Blood Simple Blu-ray (finally!) features the director’s cut version though it does not say so on the cover. This Coen Brothers movie is a must for any film noir, thriller, or black comedy fan. This is Joel and Ethan Cohen’s (Fargo, Raising Arizona) first film but it does not play like one. Blood Simple Blu-ray sort of includes a second film as the bizarre commentary track by Kenneth Loring of Forever Young Films is a fake written by the Coen Brothers.

This film noir begins with the age old wife-lover-husband triangle. It opens with Abby (Frances McDormand) and Ray (Getz) driving to Houston. Abby has decided to leave her husband and Ray has offered to driver her because he has always liked her. They are being followed. They stop overnight at a motel and a private investigator takes compromising pictures. Abbys’ husband Marty then hires the private investigator to kill Ray and Abby.

Everything goes off without a hitch, at first. Then, the Coen Brothers really mess with the audience and things get really weird, really dark, and really funny if you appreciate that kind of humor.

You are soon as confused as Ray and Abby are but that is what the Coen Brothers want. Keeping the viewer off balance makes this thriller even better.

The director’s cut version of Blood Simple cuts a couple of scenes. One is the jukebox exchange between Meurice the bartender and some guy. Another is the comment M. Emmet Walsh makes after Marty asks the PI to kill his wife and her lover. Some of the music selections have also changed or been restored from the VHS version.

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