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Mainstream - Glee - The Complete Second Season

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Starring: Lea Michelle, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch
Number of Discs: 6
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rated: Not rated - but thereviewspage recommends parental guidance due to some sexual content, suggestive language and mature themes
Release Date: 2011-09-13
Run time: 1001 minutes

Get your Gleek on! Glee The Complete Second Season is here and afforded Gleeks everywhere the opportunity to review the entire second season before the third season started. Catching up is very important to the Gleek. Non Gleeks need not bother with this offering as they won't care. Gleeks will be happy, over joyed and have their appetites whetted for yet another season of Glee.

Glee was a phenomenon when it first hit the small screen two seasons ago. It took the television viewing audience by storm and unexpectedly spawned a resurgence in interest in the musical theatre. The freshman season of any new show is frequently its best year and the sophomore year the one that tells whether or not the series will have legs. In the case of Glee the producers kept up their high calibre of vocal adrenaline and took some risks that other producers might have avoided. Dealing with teen sexuality, pregnancy, OCD, homophobia, hate crimes, self-acceptance, religious belief Glee has never once shrunk from controversy and all the while delivered great music.

To the Gleek there really isn't a question as to whether or not to buy the complete second season of Glee it is only a matter of when. My copy was pre-ordered and I picked it up the first day it was released. It was great to see a Glee music jukebox on each and every DVD along with assorted other extras like the Wit of Brittany (let's face it she is unknowingly wise and frequently pithy), Sue's Quips, shooting in NYC all more than enough for you to get your Gleek on. Along with Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory, Glee is proof that commercial prime time television can and does deliver the highest quality entertainment you can get for the price of your cable or satellite subscription.

Denis Bernicky

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