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Action - Assassination Games - Jean-Claude Van Damme

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Assassination Games
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins
Directed by Ernie Barbarash
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011
100 minutes

The cover of this action movie DVD had me wondering if this would be just another Jean-Claude Van Damme Martial arts demonstration. Boy was I wrong! Assassination Games has a good mix of suspense, action, surprising twists and some quality acting both from Van Damme and his co-star Scott Adkins.

Van Damme plays the role of a ruthless killer who will do any dirty assassination, if he is given the right price. Adkins plays the role of a troubled assassin who retired after his wife was left in a coma after a brutal attack by a drug dealer. When both characters find out that this drug dealer is their common target, they decide to join forces to get to their goal… Van Damme for the contract money, Adkins for personnal revenge.

Assassination Games is filmed in a sepia-toned atmosphere where nothing is quite black or white, good or bad. Most of the characters have some good and some bad in them, and as a spectator, we understand their motivations. As dark, somber assassin films go, this one achieves its goal.

Assassination Games  is gripping, violent and emotional, yet the story is full of surprises and it shows human nature at its darkest. It is a great action film which doesn’t require you to leave your brain at the door. I recommend it.

Vincent Lemire

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