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Science Fiction - Fringe The Complete Third Season Blu-ray

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Fringe The Complete Third Season Blu-ray
Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble
22 episodes 4 Blu-ray
Originally aired FOX 2010-11
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Fringe started out as an interesting and well-made series about investigations into the unexplained, attacks by a group of rogue scientists, consequences of some government experiments gone awry, a powerful biotech company, and effects of a parallel universe all forming or part of The Pattern. Fringe went off the rails with the introduction and growing importance of the parallel universe story line. This and other little things created solely for hard core fans of the show have made Fringe The Complete Third Season too clever for its own good and of interest to a … fringe ... audience only. Fringe The Complete Third Season features 22 episodes on 4 Blu-ray or 6 DVD.

Fringe Season 3 opens with Olivia Dunham trapped in the alternate universe. Walter’s son Peter having learned he is really the alternate universe Peter 2.Walter, the mad scientist of the show, is the cause of the existence of the parallel universe where Walter 2 aka Walternate is Secretary of Defense and plans to destroy this universe.. Olivia 2 aka Fauxlivia has taken the place of the real one in this universe.

If this is not confusing enough, the episodes shift from the real “here” and alternate “over there” universes, making for that many more badly bouncing balls to keep track of. The opening titles, red for alternate and blue for real, are an indication as to where is here.

The episodes in Fringe The Complete Third Season still feature intriguing story lines, the interesting characters, and cool sci-fi theories and special effects. It is just that this viewer stops caring. There is also only so much willing suspension of disbelief one can have.

To make things even more confusing, Season 3 ends with the introduction of an alternate timeline which will have its own differently colored title sequence. Hmmm.

Special features for Fringe The Complete Third Season Blu-ray areAnimating the Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Episode; Duality of Worlds; Constructing anExtra-Sensory Soundscape; Gag Reel; Secrets of Fringe: The First People; Network Promos

p.s. if you disagree with this review know it was written in another universe.

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