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Mainstream - Goosebumps - Ghost Beach - Mom Reviewed

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Goosebumps - Ghost Beach
Based on the R.L. Stine books
3 Episodes 1 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

This instalment of the Goosebumps DVDsfollows the same format as the others: three-22 minute kid-scaring episodes.  On this DVD there is Ghost Beach, Barking Ghost, and Be Careful What You Wish For.  One of the great things about this format is that it allows you the flexibility of watching one or all of the episodes.

In Ghost Beach, while visiting their grandparents, a brother and sister team are tricked into helping a ghost into trapping another soul.  Barking Ghost sees a boy who is terrified of everything, overcome his fear to unravel a local mystery.  Be Careful What You Wish For is a story of a middle-school girl, who is bullied at school, finding a necklace that gives her 3 wishes…but at what price?

As you can see from the summary, this DVD is geared toward the middle-school crowd (10-14years old).  It is perfectly suited to that age, and shouldn’t give kids over 10 bad dreams.  The stories are creepy, and the music is wonderfully scary, but there are no images or ideas that are too much for that age of child.  There is no blood and gore, just Twilight Zone type story lines.  One thing that my kids really liked is the little twist at the end of the story to keep kids on the edge of their seats.

We enjoyed the ‘realistic’ nature of the stories…settings could be anywhere, and my children said that the children in the stories reacted in ways that they would in similar situations.   The stories had them watching intently as to what would happen next – and they were not disappointed with where the story led them.

I (and my kids) would recommend this Goosebumps DVD for anyone who wants to get the creeps, but not be too scared.  Turn off the lights, lock the doors, and have some fun/scary times.

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Carolyn Genge

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