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Mainstream - How To Make It In America Season One Blu-ray

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How To Make It In America - The Complete First Season
Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Lake Bell
8 episodes 2 discs
Originally Broadcast HBO 2010
HBO Home Entertainment 2011

How To Make It In America is another original HBO drama comedy series. The target audience for this show is the twenty something college graduate but anybody who enjoys good TV will enjoy this one. It also has no nudity and adult language; quite odd for your usual HBO offering. How To Make It In America The Complete First Season features 8 half hour episodes on two Blu-ray or DVD.

How To Make It In America is about Ben and Cam, two twenty something New York City buddies. They are trying to make it financially big as quickly as possible in spite of their ineptitudes.

The show opens with the failure of Cam and Ben’s last get rich quick scheme that involved skateboards. They try their hands at hot off the truck counterfeit designer leather jackets but get caught by the cops. They then pay back Cam’s recently released from jail cousin Rene (Luis Guzman) the three thousand dollars they owe him for the skateboard venture and then immediately borrow it back to get into the jeans business with hot off the truck selvage denim from Japan. The fact the only thing they know about jeans is how to zip up a pair is apparently not a problem.

Secondary stories include Rene and his own get rich quick scheme involving a power drink called Rasta Monsta and Ben’s ex-girlfriend Rachel.

How To Make It In America is a very hip show. Part of what makes it work is how well it uses New York City and its various neighborhoods for atmosphere and flavor. There is something a little lightweight about this show overall but who cares.

You can very easily skip episode 4 where nothing happens.

Best quote of the season: “I am making it back million by million. The trick isn’t to get rich quick; it is to get rich slow.

Special features on How To Get By In America The Complete First Season Blu-ray are The Get By: Making it on the Streets of NYC - a peek into the lives of skateboarders and how they survive and thrive in NYC; The Legend of Wilfredo Gomez- the story of elusive Gomez, featuring interviews with those who have known the man ; Hustle Stories - interviews with cast, crews & guest stars about their own roads to success; 8 Audio Commentaries with Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Lake Bell, Luis Guzman, Ian Edelman, Rob Weiss & Julian Farino; Deleted Scenes

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