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Mainstream - Strawberry Shortcake - Growing Up Dreams - Mom Reviewed

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Strawberry Shortcake - Growing Up Dreams
Strawberry Shortcake, Peppermint Wizz, Ginger Snap
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
44 minutes

In this classically animated Strawberry Shortcake episode, she and her gang of friends experience some growing pains while imagining their lives as grown ups. This family DVD contains one episode (44 minutes) with two mini-stories all about becoming good grown ups.

In the first part, the young girls are thinking about what they would like to be when they are older.  Strawberry’s friend, Gingersnap, wants to be an astronaut, but is ridiculed by another girl.  She tries anyway and succeeds.  The second story is about many young kids’ dream:  wanting to be the boss.  While all the other girls decide to pretend to be their future professions, Peppermint Wizz decides to be the mayor…bossing everyone around.  No fun for anyone!

My whole family agreed that there were some really good messages here – never give up on your dreams, pitching in makes work go faster, and asking instead of telling is often the way to go, if you are looking for cooperation.   Lots of kids could learn something good from this DVD.  It really got my kids talking about how they would react in similar (real-life) situations.  The story about Peppermint Wizz in particular had my four children talking to each other about how to solve situations where others are trying to boss them around.

We all really liked the vivid colours, and the music. The scenery and names all related to food had my kids’ imaginations and appetites working overtime.   The younger kids in the house preferred the video, and the girls more so than the boys. This DVD definitely deals with issues more closely associated to girls, and so they would be the ones to learn the most from this.  That said, younger boys could also enjoy the pretending to be  grown up aspect of the show.

I would recommend this family DVD, especially for younger kids (4-10 year-olds), as there is a lot to discuss afterward and there are some really good messages here.

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Carolyn Genge

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