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Mainstream - Hung The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

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Hung The Complete Season Two Blu-ray
Thomas Jane, Jane Adams
10 episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
Originally aired HBO 2010
HBO Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Ray Drecker is a divorced high school phys ed teacher who brings his own pole to the pole vaulting event, brings his own bat to the diamond, and can complete by himself in the three-legged race. Ray’s job is going to be cut, his uninsured house burns down and needs fixing, and his kids leave him to live with their mom (Anne Heche). A get rich quick seminar tells him to focus on his best asset so he does. Ray becomes a prostitute managed by self-styled entrepreneur Tanya. This is the backstory you need to enjoy Hung The Complete Season Two, an odd HBO half hour not quite dramady a style all its own

Hung The Complete Second Season picks up with Ray having stood up a new client aka his ex-wife. Tanya is fighting with Lenore to manage Ray’s talent. Ray’s two kids, the very un-TV like Damon and Darby are acting up, Ray’s ex is feeling even blue after being stood up by a gigolo (Ray himself) and also feeling the economic downturn at home.

New plot elements include pressure at Ray’s teaching job and the lack of funding of the baseball team Ray is coaching (there is money to send to team to games but none to bring them back). Assistant coach Mike may also be as good an equipment guy as Ray. Tanya gets a pimp to give her business pointers. Ray is also still giving away free samples to the neighbor.

Season 2 of Hung features a show that has a much better handle on what it wants to be and where it is going. This makes the humor work, something that did not always happen in the first season. The conflict between Tanya and Lenore is quite funny. Tanya’s meetings with Charlie the pimp are also fun.

It also helps that the flashbacks are gone.

Hung The Complete Second Season will make some people get the Season One set.

Special features for the Blu-ray include a Making Of, Deleted Scenes, and Commentary on 5 episodes.

Hung The Complete First Season Blu-ray

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