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Westerns - Return of the Magnificent Seven Blu-ray

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Return of the Magnificent Seven
Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Julian Mateos
Directed by Burt Kennedy
Originally released 1966
Widescreen 2:35:1
MGM 2011

Now available on Blu-ray, Return of the Magnificent Seven aka Return of the Seven is the first of three sequels to the classic. This one is pretty good. The story is a variation on the original movie: Chris and his men are hired to defend villagers, when pressed the villagers do not defend themselves, Chris and his men have a standoff against a force much greater than they are. As westerns go, this one is pretty decent and the only good sequel.

Return of the Magnificent Seven is a misnomer. There is only one real Seven who returns: Chris (Yul Brynner). Another, Vin, is no longer played by Steve McQueen. A better title might have been Return of One Magnificent and Two Sort Ofs.

They return because Chico, one of the three survivors in the original movie has been kidnapped along with the other men in the village. A wealthy landowner named Lorca needs slave labor to rebuild a village and church as a memorial to his son.

Notable new Sevens are Claude Akins, sort of a Bronson lookalike, and Warren Oates.

This one also has its moments. One of the men Chris hires is in jail. Chris bribes the guard to let him escape. The man looks at the hottie in the cell with him and says he will escape first thing in the morning.

This sequel looks a bit better on Blu-ray than the original. It is also a more interesting movie in terms of local color although the Oles! at the bullfight sound added in.

The brightest note to Return of the Magnificent Seven is it allowed Elmer Bernstein's theme music and the theme music for the baddies to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Return of the Magnificent Seven Blu-ray only has a trailer as a bonus feature.
  The Magnificent Seven Blu-ray

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