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Mainstream - Lie to Me The Complete Third and Final Season

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Lie To Me - The Complete Third and Final Season
Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines
13 episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired 2010-11
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

This 13 episode 4 DVD set is the last in the Lie To Me series. It is a unfortunate this show was cancelled as the plots were smarter than a lot of other TV mystery shows out there and the main characters were pretty interesting in themselves. Lie To Me - The Complete Third and Final Season has little to offer in terms of special features: deleted scenes and an interview with star Tim Roth.

Roth played Cal Lightman. Lightman was an expert on reading body language and the tells people have. He and his staff used this to find the truth about someone either being accused of a crime or involved in some kind of situation. He and his staff used different techniques, all based on psychology and physical expressions, to decipher what a person was really thinking.

The show's weak point was not the fact neither Torres or Loker grew much as characters and, as Loker points out a few times in the third season, were often sent out on wild goose chases while Lightman did the interesting work. Lightman's associate Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams) also did not change much in three years.

The show's real weak point was Tim Roth's tic-filled interpretation of the main character. After a while, all these mannerisms felt like a series of gimmicks and nothing else.

On the bright side, Lie To Me The Completer Third and Final Season features a show that had very, very few bad episodes and quite a few excellent ones. Favorites are the season opener, Double Blind and its clever museum caper, and the final episode which, you will be glad to read, does not have a cliffhange

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