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Mainstream - Goosebumps - Attack of the Mutant - Mom Reviewed

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Goosebumps - Attack of the Mutant
3 Episodes 1 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Skipper is an avid comic book reader and collector.  Much to the dismay of his father who wants his son to focus on his school work, Skipper is especially enthralled in The Masked Mutant edition and he just can’t put it down.   One day while riding on the bus, he misses his usual stop and gets off in a part of town that is unknown to him.  So he goes looking around and comes across a building that mysteriously looks like the Masked Mutant’s headquarters...a building straight out of his favourite comic book.  Despite being a little spooked, he returns the following day to the same place only to find that the building has disappeared.  He opens up his comic book to double check what he had seen the day before and to his surprise, Skipper finds clues in his comic book to solve the mysterious events that he has been witnessing. Skipper soon realizes that story is coming to life and the answers lie in the pages of his comic book.

My son really got into these two episodes. He loves reading mangas, a Japanese comic book, so he could relate to Skipper. He does not enjoy scary shows so this two-part episode was perfect for him because it was anything but scary.  Throughout the episode, my son paused the DVD to tell me about parts of his favourite manga story he would like to come to life.  Several days after watching it, my son still comes to me with stories he’d like to experience like Skipper.

In the third episode, Phantom of the Auditorium, the drama club is putting on The Phantom play. During one of the play readings, one of the kids tells the entire cast about a curse that has plagued the play for years, preventing it from being presented because a phantom has haunted the school auditorium.   A fun-loving guy named Zeke starts playing tricks during the rehearsals, but when strange things start happening, he gets blamed for them.  Soon, the drama club realizes there is more to the Phantom legend than they had thought and that Zeke is not responsible for the mysterious happenings.

This is the scary episode on this Goosebumps DVD. Talk of a phantom, dark auditorium, trap door, scary music and you have the main ingredients for spooky. It was a good episode, but neither my daughter nor I felt that it ended well—the conclusion seemed rather abrupt and it left us hanging with uncertainty about the whole phantom legend. We both looked at each other with a puzzled “Huh?”

Audrey Blair

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