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Mainstream - Bones The Complete Season 6 Blu-ray

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Bones The Complete Season 6 Blu-ray
Emily Deschanels, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin
23 episodes 6 DVD 4 Blu-ray
Originally aired 2010 -11
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Seasons 6 of Bones begins with the group at the four corners of the world. Camille is now D.C. forensic pathologist and is under great pressure to find out if a body is that of a missing child. Caroline schemes to bring everybody back from their various jaunts, projects, and missions so the team can solve the crime and help Camille keep her job. Once that is done, the Bones team decides to get back together at the Jeffersonian. Season 6 of this excellent TV crime series features 23 episodes on 4 Blu-ray or 6 DVD. Special features are the same for both formats and include the pilot episode for The Killing.

Bones 6 changes the dynamics a bit. Temperance Brennan aka Bones and Booth are not couple-ish anymore as Booth has a new flame, Jack and Angela are no spoiler, and Zack and Daisy are no spoiler here either. One of the reasons the series works is the characters and these changes do not negatively impact the show.

Brennan though not as socially inept as she first was is still awkwardly and comically weird such as when she solves a case based on her knowledge of a documentary she watched titled The Jersey Shore. That episode is The Maggots in the Meathead and well worth watching. Also very interesting is The Doctor in the Photo where the victim has a lot in common with Tempe Brennan (Blu-ray 2)

Chocolate lovers will want to skip episode 7, The Babe in the Bar (Bones Season 6 DVD 2), not only because in features Wayne Knight (Newman and the detective in Basic Instinct). This show very much enjoys the gross-out corpse scene and this episode features chocolate with a very ooeey gooey center.

Other special features for Bones The Complete Season Six Blu-ray include commentary for two episodes including The Doctor in the Photo, two extended episodes, a gag reel, and The Visual Effects of Bones

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