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Mainstream - Drama and Horror on FX Canada - Premieres Oct. 31st

Drama and Horror on FX Canada - Premieres Oct. 31st

FX Canada launches October 31st. It’s Halloween but don’t be scared, this isn’t yet another channel with the same o same o.  It features first run series like American Horror Story (okay, now you can be scared) and Person of Interest. Both these shows are in their first season.

American Horror Story is one weird and scary show. It stars Connie Britton, Dylan McDermot, and Taissa Farmiga. An estranged couple and their teenage daughter think a new home will help patch things up. They buy the California version of the Amityville house but creepier. If you like your horror with a big dose of huh? you are going to like this. For example, the wife hires a sixty-something redhead to clean the house and the husband sees a beautiful young redhead in her early twenties.

The Canadian FX also features solid series like the biker drama Sons of Anarchy. The first season of Sons of Anarchy will be Tuesdays at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. This is an excellent series about a biker gang operating out of Charming, California. Jax Teller is the stepson of Clay Morrow, head of the Sons of Anarchy. It seems Clay might have killed Jax’s father and his mother (Katey Sagal) is aware of that. Hamlet anyone?

Other shows include Murdoch Mysteries and Fringe, a show that started off great but then went downhill to another universe.

There are a couple of dogs on the FX Canada schedule. Terriers is a detective show that was cancelled after half a season. Crusoe was voted one of the worst TV shows when it ran and got cancelled after 13 episodes on NBC a couple of years ago.

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