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Action - Green Lantern Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo

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Green Lantern Blu-ray DVD Set

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Marc Strong
Directed by Martin Campbell
Theatrical and Extended Cut
Warner Home Video 2011

Green Lantern is pretty good if you do not expect more than a live action comic book. Ryan Reynolds is pretty good in the title role. The story is faithful to the Lantern origins mytharc. The visual and special effects are up to snuff. Green Lantern’s weak point is its length and overall story. 120 minutes is long for a comic book and the story searches for itself for a while.

Ryan Reynolds plays test pilot and perpetual teenager Hal Jordan. He is a test pilot and his showing off his skills costs the company he works for an important contract. He is fired. Meanwhile, an evil force called the Parallax is wreaking havoc in the universe and killing Green Lanterns. One crash lands on Earth and sends his ring to find his successor: Jordan.

Meanwhile, a scientist who autopsied the alien body has become infected with a Parallax substance and is acting strangely.

The weakest point of the story is everybody involved in the Earth part of the story seems to know each other from way back when because they are all tied to Ferris Aviation.

The final showdown is pretty cool.

Some of the CGI in Green Lantern is imaginative. A favorite is the Hot Wheels like scene at the party which is foreshadowed in a scene with Hal’s nephew.

Special features for Green Lantern Blu-ray DVD are Ultraviolet Digital Copy, Maximum Movie mode with PiP commentary, a useless digital comic book, deleted scenes, Ryan Reynolds Becomes Green Lantern, and Universe According to Green Lantern.

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Green Lantern First Flight Blu-ray

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