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Mainstream - On Strike For Christmas

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On Strike For Christmas
Daphne Zuniga, David Sutcliffe
Directed by Robert Iscove
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

On Strike For Christmas is a made for TV Xmas movie. There is something very plot-by-numbers about it. Aside from Zuniga as Joy Robertson, the acting is B-movie at best (and this is being very generous towards Victor Zinc Jr.). Skip to scene 6 where the guys try baking cookies: that is where the few laughs this movie provides start and end. On Strike For Christmas only does the job as a movie playing in the background during the holidays.

Joy Robertson (Daphne Zuniga, One Tree Hill)  is supermom to two teenage boys and a college professor. The boys are going to be in college next year. Joy believes this is their last Christmas together so it is really important. She is the only person in the family who feels that way. The men are so used to her doing everything they cannot do the simplest things. Joy gets annoyed and goes on strike. Soon the other women in town join the strike.

The problems with this movie begin with the not so small details. It is nine days before Christmas and there is not a single decoration outside the Robertson home but we are to believe Joy is supermom, always has everything together, and is big on Christmas?

The premise rests on Joy being so fed up she goes on strike. This translates into her husband (David Sutcliffe, Private Practice) and two sons adding more and more tasks for her to do and never doing what they were supposed to do to help.

There are also the little things. This is a made in Canada movie about Christmas in sunny California. California and Xmas movie never really work and it not even being the real California is too apparent in the first place. There is also Jeremy Robertson and his pal playing with a brand new football on the front lawn and both are wearing so fresh out of the wrapper you can see the folds sweatshirts and other little such details.

This being a Christmas movie you know the person going against the Xmas grain will see the error of her ways and so on and so on. This at least is done rather nicely here.

Look for Julia Duffy (Newhart) as Julia’s mom (which is hard to believe)

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