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Mainstream - Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume One Blu-ray

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Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 1 Blu-ray
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Michigan J. Frog
Witch Hazel, Marc Anthony, Marvin Martian
3 discs 56 plus cartoons
Warner Home Video 2011

Unless you have all of the Golden Collection volumes, the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 1 is a solid addition to any cartoon fan’s shelves. This 3 Blu-ray disc set features many of the great classic Looney Tunes: What’s Opera Doc? Rabbit of Seville, the great Duck Amuck where the animator has fun driving Daffy daffy, One Froggy Evening on Disc 2, and Scaredy Cat where Sylvester tries to protect Porky from a haunted hotel. It also has all the Marvin the Martian cartoons. The other cartoons are also very good, as are the special features.

Disc one features 25 cartoons including the Oscar winning Tweety and Thomas (Sylvester), Pepe le Pew, and Speedy Gonzales cartoons. Other immediately recognizable Looney Tunes are The Scarlet Pumpernickel, Robin Hood Daffy, and 8-Ball Bunny where Bugs meets a lost penguin.

In addition to all the  Marvin the Martian cartoons, disc two has the complete Witch Hazel, Tasmanian Devil, Marc Anthony, and Ralph Philips. Of great interest is The Story Behind One Froggy Evening, probably the very best Chuck Jones / Michael Maltese cartoon.

Many cartoons features a music only, commentary, or sound effects only track.

The third Blu-ray disc for this Looney Tunes collection has A Greeting From Chuck Jones Chuck-Amuck The Movie, Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens, a life in animation, Chuck Jones Memories of Childhood. It also features rarely seen Jones shorts and the 1965 Acadeny Award winner The Dot and The Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, and 9 post- Golden Era cartoons that have rarely been seen.

The only cartoon missing from this collection to make it perfect is Long-Haired Hare where Bugs Bunny conducts opera singer Giovanni.

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume One is a great gift for anyone young and old. You also owe it to your kids to introduce them to these works of art.

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