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Science Fiction - Another Earth Blu-ray DVD Combo

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Another Earth Blu-ray
Brit Marling, William Mapother
Directed by Mike Cahill
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Though spun as science fiction, Another Earth is SF – speculative fiction – with a space element tossed in. Written by and starring Brit Marling, this is a moody, unusual, minimalist movie that will more than please those who like something other than the usual Hollywood lukewarmed over pap. There is nothing quite like Another Earth.

Rhoda (Marling) is a future MIT student who drives under the influence and kills a man’s wife and kid. That same night a new planet was discovered. Four years later there is a duplicate earth right next to the moon.

Rhoda applies in a contest to be one of the first to go to the alternate earth. She also goes to the home of the man whose wife and child she killed to apologize. A lie leads her to become his weekly maid service and the continuation of that lie brings them close together.

The movie is not really about the alternate self or what happens if you changed one thing. It is about this one person and one act and its consequences.

It does not provide answers.

Another Earth is the kind of movie you enjoy once but will not go back to because of its minimalism and moodiness.

Special features for Another Earth Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy combo are Deleted Scenes, Music Video, The Science of, Creating Another Earth, Fox Movie Channel Direct Effect with Mike Cahill, In Character with Brit Marling and William Mapother.

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