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Horror - Chillerama Blu-ray

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Chillerama - The Ultimate Midnight Movie
Richard Riehle, Ray Wise, Eric Roberts
Directed by Adam Green and Others
Image Entertainment 2011
119 minutes

Horror fans familiar with Twilight Zone The Movie or Creepshow will recognize part of the format used for Chillerama. It also borrows formula from movies like The Kentucky Fried Movie and Amazon Women On The Moon. Chillerama is a four horror movie spoof set in a drive-in. If you are a fan of scary and B-movies, this Blu-ray is a very funny must. There’s great zombie sex at the end too.

The set up is it is the last show before the local drive-in gets demolished for a mall. The owner decides to show four long-lost horror movies. They are I Was A Teenage Werebear, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, Deathication (pronounce it slowly, you’ll get it), and Wadzilla.

I Was a Teenage Wearebear is a gay salute to the Frankie Avalon – Annette Funicello beach movies of the sixties with a bit of Elvis musical tossed in for good measure. Werebear itself is okay but the sixties references and tone are perfect.

Chillerama opens with Wadzilla. It is a fifties style boy meets girl movie. Here, boy tries an experimental drug to improve his sperm. This creates a giant sperm that eats and humps New York City. Wadzilla has quite a few funny adult film references and very funny ending. The fifties allusions are dead on.

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein has Hitler finding the Frank family (who changed their name from Frankenstein) and getting his hands on the grandfather’s diary on how to make a monster. The monster is a very funny surprise. The black and white and fake German with English subtitles will perhaps put off some but it really is worth it.

Deathication is the lesser of the four fake horror movies in Chillerama. It is basically a long poop joke in a blacksploitation style movie.

The story holding everything together is a two young boys who finally admit their love for their girl before sex crazed zombies take over the drive-in. If you ever wondered what wild zombie sex looked and sounded like, you’ll find out here.

Chillerama is an absolute hoot and well worth the investment.

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