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Mainstream - NHL Top 10 Rivalries

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NHL Top 10 Rivalries
Warner Home Video 2011
60 minutes plus extras

NHL Top 10 Rivalries makes for a great Christmas stocking stuffer. This hockey DVD follows the format often seen on cable sports channels because it is a format that works. Perhaps it would have been nice to know a little more about each hockey rivalry but you know enough to get the jist. The producers were also smart enough to rate the Bruins – Canadiens rivalry above that of the Habs vs. the Maple Laughs (Leafs suck!)

In descending order the rivalries are Montreal – Quebec, Flyers – Penguins, Hawks – Wings with some great forties and fifties footage, Rangers vs Flyers with footage of the pummeling Dave Schultz gave Dale Rolfe, and the famous Flames – Oilers rivalry

The top five NHL rivalries are Penguins – Capitals (I’ll have to take the producers’ word on thjis one), Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings, the classic Islanders – Rangers though unfortunately one team was never quite as good as the other when they met for the playoffs, and the Habs – Leafs (dating to way back when Toronto had a team).

The number 1 rivalry that ignites both passion and respect is of course Boston Montreal.

Special features for NHL Top 10 Rivalries are more than a dozen extra interview clips each running a minute and seven extra short rivalry related clips such as Philly Flu and the Potvin Chant which you unfortunately do not get to hear.

100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens   A must for any hockey fan – Leafs Suck!

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