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Science Fiction - Neverland - Space Dec. 18th and 19th 8 p.m.

Neverland - Space Dec. 18th and 19th 8 p.m.
Charlie Rowe, Rhys Ifan, Anna Friel
Directed by Nick Willing
Space Dec. 18th and 19th 8 p.m.

Neverland will return on Space December 24th at 7 and 9 p.m. after airing December 18th and 19th  This is an absolutely superb, engrossing, fascinating, well-made, extraordinary, intelligent, sometimes funny, often violent backstory to Peter Pan. Though Neverland may look family friendly, it is not so. This said, this two part series could easily become a holiday classic.

Neverland opens in London, 1906. Peter and his pals are street urchins and work for a guy named Jimmy. Similarities to Oliver Twist and Fagin are not accidental. Jimmy is hired to rob a jewellery store. Peter wants to prove himself and decides to rob the store instead. Peter, Jimmy, and the boys come across a crystal ball, an orb, that takes them to a very strange place with pirates, ten-legged crocodiles, silver fairies, and some Haida people (the Indians). This is Neverland.

The story gets complex with Jimmy both protecting Peter and the boys and betraying them. The relationship between Jimmy and Peter is at the center of many turns of event with betrayal as the main event. The Lost Boys and Peter find shelter with the Haida for a while before there is a big confrontation.

Neverland is violent with stabbings, killings, and annihilation. It also features the odd but of mild nudity.

There are maybe, just maybe, a couple of long bits. There is certainly one unexplained moment near the end of the series after someone gets clobbered with a hat.

After enjoying this two part four hour miniseries you will want to go to spacecast.com and watch it again on demand and check listings for reruns. If these do not come soon enough, you can email the Space channel at space at spacecast dot com and insist they air Neverland again.

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