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Foreign Film - Mexico - Nora s Will / Cinco dias sin Nora

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Nora s Will - Cinco dias sin Nora
Directed by Mariana Chenillo
Spanish with English subtitles
Mexico 2010
VSC 2011

Nora’s Will, directed Mariana Chenillo, features subjects people generally prefer to avoid. Death, suicide, religion, loss of faith, aging,and the lack of understanding of those around a mentally ill person. These are all topics that tend to make us all uncomfortable.  But in this foreign film DVD, Mariana Chenillo succeeds in presenting them as simple and even mild events of life and adds a touch of humour.

The plot unfolds in an easy going way like the pace of an old person. Through the story, we see a series of small details that, taken all alone don’t tell us much, but added one to another reveal us a lot more on what the movie is really about. This way, we can see very clearly the evolution of the main character José, an old man who chose to live a rather lonely life. It’s the death, or should we say the very well planned suicide, of his ex-wife that sets off a series of events that will force José out of his bachelor ways and will make him take better care of his family.

It’s funny how the main character does everything he can to prevent his ex-wife’s plans to unfold the way she wanted them to after he realizes that he has been so easily manipulated by her strategies. But it is precisely his determination to sabotage it all that will lead him to events which will reveal him some truths he had yet to discover.

This movie shows us in a simple, funny and gentle way, that an old man who thinks he has seen it all can not only keep on learning great lessons about life, but also still can still find meaningful revelations about his own existence. In the end, the message sent by this movie could be that there will always be place for evolution.

Martine Beaucher

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