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Action - In The Name of the King 2 - Two Worlds

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In the Name of the King 2 Two Worlds
Dolph Lungren, Nastassia Malthe, Lochlyn Munro
Directed by Uwe Boll
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

In the Name of the King 2 is so bad it is almost amusing. This wannabe action movie based on a computer game has a special forces guy named Granger (Lundgren) kidnapped to somewhat medieval times to fulfill a prophecy and battle the Dark Ones, the forces of the “holy mother”.  The first sign of trouble is the king (Lochlyn Munro) wears a crown a Burger King would consider cheap.

Granger and some guys go on a trek to find and defeat “the holy mother”, the leader of the Dark Ones, while some weird-eyed broad living in a tree says strange things. This sets up a series of fights against guys with painted faces (so as to reuse the same stuntmen). There is a major plot twist after that.

This movie had such a small budget it could not even afford to film in Kakastan. Instead, In The Name of the King 2 Two Worlds was made in British Columbia and used Canadian actors who would not even make it as stand-ins in an amateur production.

The best that can be said about the writing for In The Name of the King 2 Two Worlds is that it is less atrocious than the sets. The plotting, however, isn’t.

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