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Mainstream - Contagion

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Amazon page

Contagion Blu-ray DVD Combo
Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Warner Home Video 2012

Contagion is a great virus disaster movie. It is also a refreshing change from the usual high energy histrionic approach or the usual rebel scientist proves all others wrong and saves the world fare. The low key approach in Contagion not only makes its premise that much more believable but also allows it to affect the viewer after the viewing of this Blu-ray DVD combo. At 106 minutes, This movie also proves you can tell a story in less than 2 hours and do not need special effects to do it.

Beth Ermhoff (Paltrow) plays Beth Ermhoff. Ermhoff is coming back from China and Hong Kong and is sick. She is patient zero who unknowingly infects those she comes in touch with. Laurence Fishburne is the head of the CDC whose crew includes Kate Winslett. Marion Cotillard plays a doctor who works for the WHO and tracks down the virus’ origins before being kidnapped and help for ransom for the cure. Jude Law plays an internet conspiracy bug who first spots the contagion and whose motives are perhaps shady.

Contagion does have a little bit about the societal break down that follows but that is not the focus of this virus disaster movie.

Contagion works because of the characters, the writing, but especially its tone. This is a smart movie that assumes the audience is smart too.

Special features include a digital copy, and shorts titled The Reality of Contagion, The Contagion Detectives, and How a Virus Changes the World.

Contagion  Review of the theatrical release

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