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Science Fiction - Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series Blu-ray

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Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill
14 episodes 6 discs
Warner Home Video 2011

Doctor Who The Sixth Series perhaps the most imaginative of them all and NO Daleks. The season opens with The Impossible Astronaut where the Doctor is killed permanently and closes with the events just before his death. There is also the revelation of the Doctor’s darker side and past and who River Song is for the Doctor and Amy Pond.

The Sixth Series Blu-ray opens with the 2010 Xmas Special A Christmas Carol. It is not the best but a marked improvement over the previous one. The second episode introduces a new villain, The Silence, and it is they who plan for the Doctor’s death. The Curse of the Black Spot is a good pirate story. The Doctor’s Wife reveals who is Who’s greatest love when the Tardis goes lands in a scrap yard.

Definitely speculative is The Rebel Flesh where cloned humans do the dirty work at a power plant. A Good Man Goes To War reveals the dark side of the Doctor when someone is taken from him.

A little odd and silly is Let’s Kill Hitler. Night Terror features a boy who is afraid of everything, especially what is in his closet. The Girl Who Waited features two different Amy Ponds after one of those time bubble problems. More horror than anything else is The God Complex that takes place in a creepy hotel with no exits.

The penultimate episode is Closing Time. The Doctor visits an old friend, works in a department store, and battles some Cybermen.

Special features for Doctor Who The Complete Sixth Series are prequels to some episodes, commentary on some episodes, additional scenes, and Monster Files.

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