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Mainstream - Hannibal Brooks

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Hannibal Brooks (1969)? MGM Limited Edition Collection
Oliver Reed, Michael Pollard, James Donald
Directed by Michael Winner
MGM 2012

Hannibal Brooks is the story of a POW who decides to get an elephant across the Alps to Switzerland. Though uneven in tone and acting and rather low budget in production values this MGM Limited Edition collection made on demand DVD is quite enjoyable. The print used for this particular release is very good with only a couple of dust dots here and there.

Oliver Reed gives a decent performance as Brooks. A quick series of circumstances have Brooks captured, working as a POW at the Berlin Zoo, and made trainer for Lucy the elephant. The director of the zoo decides Lucy would be safer in Innsbruck and sends Brooks, a cute blonde, and a couple of German soldiers on their way.  

Brooks keeps running across Packy (Michael J. Pollard), an American soldier who has started his own resistance force. At some point Brooks decides to head for Switzerland instead and Packy and his men follow.

The movie mixes the comic and usual war scenes rather unsuccessfully but the whole is still entertaining.

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