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Mainstream - The Big Year Blu-ray DVD Combo

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The Big Year
Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Jack Black
Directed by David Frankel
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

The Big Year is a movie about three guys at different stages in their life who undertake the same challenge: seeing as many different birds as possible in a calendar year. Though it stars Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, all known for their comedic skills, The Big Year is a mix of buddy movie, comedy, and light drama. This is not an especially memorable movie but it is original, fun, and entertaining.

Stu Preissler (Martin) is a very successful and busy businessman who has always put off his dream of having a Big Year. He is almost finally going to do it. Brad Harris is a divorced office drone is his thirties who has nothing to show so far so being the champion birder will be his way of proving himself to everyone else, especially his father. Kenny Bostick (Wilson) is the reigning Big Year champ and a professional at it. When he feels his record is being challenged he gives up everything he has including his girlfriend to keep his record alive.

Stu and Brad eventually become buddies and encourage each other and sometimes team up against Kenny whom they have come to see as their nemesis.

You would think a movie about seeing birds would be boring but The Big Year is not. The main characters, the actors, and the various events combine to make for an entertaining experience.

The Big Year Blu-ray features the theatrical and extended – unrated versions.

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