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Mainstream - The Hour Season One Blu-ray - BBC Series

The Hour Season One Blu-ray - BBC Series

Romola Garai, Ben Wishshaw, Burn Gorman
6 episodes 2 Blu-ray discs
BBC 2011
Warner Home Video 2012

The BBC’s The Hour has everything you could want in a TV show: murder, personal and political intrigue, office politics, love triangles, women’s lib, a bit of TV history, real history, and some spying. All in the six episodes that make up this Season One 2 Blu-ray disc set.  The Hour Season One is not quite up to BBC series standards but it is decent enough.

The Hour begins with a distressed young woman named Ruth calling a man just before her engagement is announced. That man is on his way somewhere when he is murdered in the tube. Cut to Freddy Lyon directing yet another boring newsreel and pining for something better. It turns out his friend Bel has been tapped as producer of the BBC’s first hour-long news programme, The Hour, and he is getting the London desk.

The Hour is the story of the news team behind the show. The show’s main storyline is Ruth, the murdered man, and the killer. The TV show’s main story interest is the crisis in the Suez Canal and what should or should not be reported according to journalists and the British government.

The pacing for this BBC mystery drama is sluggish. There are quite a few filler scenes and episode 3 is pretty much a wash. This dilution gets a little annoying after a while. Another problem is the Suez crisis really no longer has the drama it is supposed to have in the Hour show itself.

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