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Mainstream - The Descendants - George Clooney

The Descendants - George Clooney

Directed by Alexander Payne
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

It really takes a while to really get into The Descendants. This is par for the course for some dramas but what makes this rather more difficult for this DVD is the bit part actors are simply atrocious and they are all George Clooney gets to play against for the first forty-some minutes of the movie. Once you get over that hump The Descendants is a good drama.

Clooney is excellent in a low key performance as Matt King. King’s wife is in a permanent coma and he has only a few days before treatments are ceased. He has to reconnect with his two daughters, make peace with the fact his wife was cheating on him and was going to ask for a divorce, and confront the man she was seeing. He also has to  broker a deal that will see a huge tract of family land that goes back to King Kamehameha sold.

Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller are very good as the daughters. No matter how talented they are however some scenes still clunk because of the bit part actors.

This drama is very subdued. The Descendants for is it does not force the emotions on the audience.

This is a low key drama about ordinary people. If you like those, this DVD is a good bet but not really a keeper.

THE DESCENDANTS Blu-ray Features: Everybody Loves George; Working with Alexander; Hawaiian Style (all three are also on the DVD); Deleted Scenes; The Real Descendants; Casting; Working with Water; Music Videos: Will I Ever See You Again, Postcards from Paradise, Honolulu’s Whisper; Waiting for the Light; The World Parade – Hawaii (Silent Film);A Conversation with George Clooney and Alexander Payne; Digital Copy of the Film


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