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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two

Mom Reviewed - Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two
Warner Home Video 2012
100 minutes

This family movie DVD is the sequel to Happy Feet – a story about a colony of Penguins.  In this reincarnation of the story, we see Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) and are introduced to his son  - Erik (voiced by Ava Acres).  Erik doesn’t have his own special groove, and is shy and intimidated by all the dancers around him.  He decides to take off (with two of his friends) and follow Ramon (voiced by Robin Williams) to another colony.  Of course the parents of these young chicks are worried and Mumble heads out to find the kids and bring them home.

That is just an introduction to the story – and it just gets more and more complicated after that.  You need to add in a puffin masquerading as a penguin, an elephant seal, and some krill on a search for the meaning of life and you might have half the story.  This was a big problem for me (and my youngest).  The story line was way too complicated, and really felt disjointed.   My older kids enjoyed it and got all the subtle humour, but even they had a hard time condensing the story into a few sentences.

That said there are some really good things about this movie that make it worth watching.  First of all there is the incredible artwork and scenery design.  The landscape and the animals that inhabit it are truly breathtaking.  The next thing that is worth mentioning is the voice talent that is involved in this movie.  Hank Azaria as Sven the “penguin” is hilarious.  Brad Pitt as Will the Krill along with Matt Damon as bill the Krill were also a couple of very funny characters, making snide existential comments that make you want to rewind and listen again.  The final thing that makes this movie is the music, and of course Gloria, Mumble’s wife (voiced by Pink) really delivers in this area.

If you are at all familiar with my previous family oriented film reviews, you know that I am a mom that is really strong on movies with a message.  Because this movie had no solid story line, I couldn’t really find one here, and that is why I was a little disappointed in this film.  My kids on the other hand were not.

Carolyn Genge

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