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Mainstream - Edward G. Robinson - TCM Greatest Gangster Films Collection

Edward G. Robinson - TCM Greatest Gangster Films Collection

4 movies 4 DVD
Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis
Warner Home Video 2012

The Edward G Robinson volume of Turner Classic Movies Greatest Gangster Films Collection features 4 DVD: The Little Giant, Larceny Inc, and Kid Galahad and Bullets or Ballots with Humphrey Bogart. The prints used for the fullscreen DVD go from very good to almost pristine. These gangster movies have been released individually and three, Kid Galahad, Larceny Inc. and The Little Giant, are also available in the Warner Brothers Gangster Picture Collection Volume 4. The latter is a better bet because it includes Public Enemies, a great documentary on film noir and the Warner Brothers gangster movies.

Larceny Inc. (1942, 95 minutes) is a very enjoyable crime caper based on a script by comic essayist S.J. Perelman. Edward G. Robinson plays a crook just released from prison. He and his pals decide to go straight. To go straight they want to buy a dog track. To buy the dog track they need money. To get money they need to rob a bank. To rob a bank they need to tunnel under it. To tunnel under it they need to buy the luggage store next door. To tunnel under the bank from the luggage store they need to stop selling so much luggage.

Also enjoyable is The Little Giant (1933, 75 minutes). Robinson plays Bugs Ahearn --the character Robinson imitators do. Bugs sees the end of prohibition coming and gets out of the crime business while the going is good. He moves to California in a 20 room 14 bathroom house. There his street smarts collide with the very snobbish set until that set finds out Ahearn has money and lots of it.

Bullets or Ballots Robinson is a lesser offering. Robinson plays a cop who goes undercover to infiltrate the mob. Bogart is the gangster quick with his gun. Joan Blondell plays an entertainer who runs a numbers racket.

Robinson goes up against Humphrey Bogart. This time they are rival boxing promoters. Robinson’s girlfriend, Bette Davis, might have her eyes set on his latest find.

Each of the 4 DVD in Turner Classic Movies Greatest Gangster Films Edward G. Robinson collection includes Warners Night at the Movies with a short and a newsreel. There is also a commentary track for each film. The best special feature is a 9-minute Warner Brothers blooper reel on Bullets or Ballots

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