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Mainstream - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - American version

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - American version

Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012
158 minutes

Which of the adaptations of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is best? Both. There is something to be said about the original Swedish version starring Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace and there is as much to be said about the American version directed by David Fincher. Fans of the Stieg Larsson novel will not be disappointed.

Hollywood rarely if ever fares well with remakes but this DVD is the exception. This is because director David Fincher decided to adapt the book and not remake the movie. You could easily interchange scenes between both versions of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and there ever even some very similar shots.

Aside from the last twenty minutes, the main difference between the Swedish and American version is in the colors. Fincher went for much icier tones throughout the movie. The Swedish version is more explicitly violent.

It is unfair to compare the performances of Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara as the American version of the Lisbeth Salander character is not as fleshed out.

The greatest difference between this The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the original is the last twenty minutes or so. Not having read the Larsson novel, I do not know which is closest to the book.

The DVD and Blu-ray versions have a commentary track by director David Fincher. A 3 disc Blu-ray DVD combo set has a disc with almost 4 hours of behind the scenes stuff.

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